Google announced the wave of new AI functions in Workspace services, which are similar to ChatGPT. In particular, Google Docs and Gmail will receive generative AI that will help create a variety of content.

You can task AI to analyze your correspondence with colleagues in Gmail, based on which you can create a draft for an article or report in Google Docs. In turn, this document can become the basis for creating a presentation in Google Slides, or a table in Google Sheets. And during video conferences, you can ask AI to note down important points.

In future updates, users will be able to organize brainstorming sessions in Google Docs, as well as task AI with writing, reading or rewriting text.

Gmail already has such AI tools as Smart Reply and Smart Compose, but the service can help make your letter more formal, shorten it, or prepare a draft letter for you based on several points.

In addition, Google will make available new AI tools for developers, including PaLM API, Vertex AI, AI App Builder and others. The company notes that the innovations will become available to testers from the Trusted Tester program already this month. The release for all users will take place later, however, the exact dates have not yet been announced.