A Dutch developer has created an artificial intelligence photography studio and modeling agency called Deep Agency. For $29 per month, it allows you to get high-quality photos on different backgrounds, as well as generate images of AI models based on a given hint.

“Hire virtual models and create a virtual twin with an avatar that looks just like you. Elevate your photo game and say goodbye to traditional photo shoots,” the site reads.

According to the creator, Danny Postma, the platform uses the latest AI models that convert text to images, i.e. models like DALL-E 2, and is available anywhere in the world. On the platform, you can customize your photo by choosing a pose for the model and describing what you want her to do.

Postma says on Twitter that the site is “in open beta” and that “things will break.” So far, for the model to work, you need to specify sks female in the request, meaning the site only generates images of women unless you purchase a paid subscription, which gives you access to three other models, one female and two males, and allows you to upload your own images to create “artificial double”.