Social networks offer various types of content monetization, one of which is a paywall, which TikTok announced on its platform. The company reported this in a separate post. And the project was called TikTok Series, which resembles the Patreon model.

In TikTok, the paywall will allow creators to create exclusive collections of videos, access to which can be purchased by willing fans. Such collections will consist of 80 records, and the duration of each of them can be up to 20 minutes. 

As for the cost, at the discretion of the creators, the price of access to their collections can range from $1 to $190. At the same time, the entire amount will go directly to the owner of the content, with the deduction of only the commission of application stores (which currently amounts to a little more than 30%). It is not yet known how TikTok plans to implement its own commission.

For users, everything will be done exclusively through the platform application itself, but creators will be able to upload content and track statistics through a separate site for TikTok Series.

The pilot project is being launched in the US and will initially be available only to selected creators. And they will be chosen through a separate form, which should appear next month.