What you see above is a scheme of the powertrain of Lamborghini’s new flagship supercar, now codenamed LB744. And in many ways it will be revolutionary for the company.

Most importantly, the Lamborghini LB744 supercar is a hybrid. Next to the classic V12 engine, three electric motors will work. In general, it can be said that the Lamborghini LB744 car is built according to a four-motor scheme! And each item deserves separate attention.

The main V12 gasoline engine retained the “canonical” volume of 6.5 liters, but thanks to numerous refinements, its power was increased to 825 hp. (versus 780 hp in the predecessor). This engine will send power to the rear wheels through an 8-speed DCT. Also, one 150 hp electric motor is placed in the transmission housing. Two separate electric motors are responsible for turning the front wheels of the Lamborghini LB744 supercar – also 150 “horses” each. The total power of the hybrid reaches 1015 hp.

Such a layout allows not only to implement the E-4WD all-wheel drive but also makes it possible to control the thrust vector in turns. At the same time, the absence of a cardan shaft made it possible to arrange a battery for a hybrid system in the central tunnel. Its capacity is not high (3.8 kWh), but in this case, short-term maximum power is more important.

By the way, the battery can be charged from an outlet, so the Lamborghini LB744 is not just a hybrid, but even a PHEV hybrid. Although the company uses its own designation HPEV: it is short for High Performance Electric Vehicle.

The debut of this HPEV-hybrid supercar is scheduled for the end of March – then we will finally be able to see its appearance, evaluate the interior, and learn all the technical specifications.