Carscoops claims that the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf hatchback will be updated during 2023 – the car will go on sale as the 2024 model year version. But what should we expect?

First of all, changes in appearance: for example, new headlights with X-shaped elements, a different front bumper, and new wheels may appear. Second: the updated Volkswagen Golf should also receive a larger display in the interior (12- or even 15-inch), and the appearance of the Smart Air Vents system, etc. is expected.

The range of engines will mainly consist of TSI gasoline engines of various displacements (1.0/1.5/2.0 liters) with an addition in the form of a “mild hybrid”. We also expect an updated version of the GTE with a PHEV-hybrid that will be able to cover a longer distance on a single battery charge. The future of TDI diesels is uncertain.

Interesting: it seems that this will be the last Volkswagen Golf with classic diesel engines, and in the future, Volkswagen will focus its efforts on electric cars. However, it is already known that the Golf name will remain! For example, the next generation hatchback may be called the Volkswagen ID.Golf, so the history of the Volkswagen Golf model will still continue.