Rozetka, the largest online marketplace in Ukraine, has joined other domestic companies in their expansion into the Polish market. According to AIN, Rozetka already launched a Polish site with a top-level domain that completely repeats the design of the Ukrainian version, but with fewer offers so far.

In addition, apparently, Rozetka started recruiting employees for its marketplace in Poland, in early March it published a vacancy for a content manager with knowledge of the Polish language, as well as moderator of translations.

After the start of a full-scale war, Rozetka’s business almost stopped, the company could not fulfill its obligations to employees, partners and delayed deliveries. However as the co-owner of the company Vladyslav Chechotkin noted in an interview with Forbes, in 2022 the Rozetka business managed to be maintained, and despite the halving of the team and the drop in the average check, the project was able to increase the number of outlets. At the same time, the total turnover of goods in the 4th quarter of 2022 became the best ever for the marketplace.

Vladyslav Chechotkin commented on the launch of Rozetka in Poland in a post on Facebook:

“Rozetka started working in Poland. For now, we are in test mode: we are checking all processes, filling the site with an assortment, setting up all logistics links. We count on both a large Ukrainian audience (more than 2 million Ukrainians live in Poland) and a local audience. Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for making it possible in principle! For the fact that a year after the start of a full-scale war, we not only survived, but can develop business. And to all our customers, for whom we remained “whenever necessary”.