The Twitter Blue paid plan is now available in 20 more European countries. Among them are the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus.

This extension makes the social network subscription service available in more than 35 countries around the world. Led by Elon Musk, Twitter Blue was first launched in December for $8 per month with the Blue verification mark.

The company later introduced features such as the ability to post 60-minute videos and 4000 character tweets. The plan also has some legacy features, such as tweet editing, a feed reader, and bookmark folders.

To increase the number of followers, Twitter in January launched an annual plan costing $84. In the past few weeks, the social network has also launched an annual plan on iOS and Android for $114.

While Musk expects subscription plans to generate huge profits, early results have not been encouraging. The new Twitter Blue service is estimated to have fewer than 300,000 followers.