Yes, this is another “car for developing markets” (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil). However, this does not make it any less important. After all, the Honda City sedan is one of the most affordable cars from the Japanese company.

And it has just been updated! However, the changes can hardly be called radical: the Honda City sedan received a new front bumper and a changed radiator grille, a rear bumper with a diffuser was installed, and new wheels appeared. The interior of the Honda City now uses higher-quality finishing materials and wireless charging has been added.

As for the technical part, the Honda City car lost the diesel version, but expanded the range of hybrid versions: the basis is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, paired with an electric motor – the total power reaches 126 “horses”. Although the basic option is a regular gasoline engine: also 1.5 liters, but the power is less – 121 hp.

The hybrid version will receive its own transmission, which does not have traditional stages; it also does not require switches. A regular gasoline engine can work in tandem with a manual transmission or a variator.

But even the minimum version of the Honda City with a regular engine and manual transmission is valued at about $14,000, and the hybrid version of the Honda City generally starts at $23,000. Somehow, even a “budget sedan” turns out to be not very cheap…