The company Meta, which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, announced at an online briefing for the media that Ukrainian content is not moderated in russia, and posts are not deleted just because they received a lot of complaints, reports The Village Ukraine.

Platforms owned by the company have their own rules, and if a post does not violate them, it will not be removed, even despite many complaints, Meta assures. But if the post violates the rules of the community, even one complaint will be enough for it to be deleted.

Content with scenes of violence that can be traumatizing for people are subject to blurring, the company notes:

“Sometimes we allow content that contains scenes of violence (with some restrictions) to draw people’s attention to important issues.”

“We do not hide the truth, because it is possible to view the content if you click on the screen,” Meta representatives add.

However, content that is “particularly violent, shocking, or sadistic” will be removed.

Meta assures that they do not have moderators in russia, but about 15 thousand people around the world view content in more than 70 languages, including Ukrainian, and Ukrainian content, which needs language and cultural expertise, checked only by Ukrainian moderators.

Any two moderators reviewing the same content for compliance with community standards make the same decisions about it because the rules themselves are structured in such a way that they cannot be subject to free interpretation or subjectivity. To make sure of this, the company conducts weekly audits.

Media present at the briefing asked Meta representatives how content moderation on Ukrainian Facebook during a full-scale war is affected by the company’s decision on preference of user content, not media content in the Facebook feed:

“We have created a special team of experts from various fields, whose task is to support Ukrainian users, but at the same time to make sure that we do not interfere in the situation. We implement new solutions for algorithms, taking into account the military context. We value users’ right to self-expression,” answered Kateryna Kruk, Regional Public Policy Manager in Central and Eastern Europe at Meta.

Remember, earlier Meta promised not to block posts about the Azov Regiment.