Carscoops released another batch of spy photos, where a lot of interesting things were found. For example, the prototype of the BMW i4 M electric car – let the designation be conditional, but everything is getting closer to it.

After all, the key nuances of a real “M” are already “in place” here. Namely: its own front bumper and large “nostrils”, extended fenders with enlarged wheels and powerful brakes, modified rear part with diffusers for air release.

The technical part of the electric car, which may be called the BMW i4 M, is still unclear. But the option of using a drive with four electric motors – one for each wheel – is being considered. This will provide not only high power (1000-1200 hp), but also phenomenal control capabilities: it will be possible to make a turn on the spot and “do donuts”, control the direction of traction during drifting or in a turn.

Currently, there is no official information about the confirmed launch of serial production of the BMW i4 M, but given the thoroughness of the development of the prototype, it seems that the issue has already been resolved and resolved positively.