In 2020, Motorola returned to the Razr brand and released a foldable smartphone with a flexible screen. And at this year’s MWC exhibition in Barcelona, it surprised the public with a new concept of Motorola Rizr, which can potentially fulfill the dream of many users about a compact smartphone, reports CNET.

The new concept of Motorola implies that the device has a display that wraps around the bottom of the smartphone. Thus, a rolled-up screen can extend outwards to create a bigger display, and roll away when you need to put the device in the pocket.

Motorola Rizr – a futuristic concept of a rollable smartphone

In doing so, some programs start the transformation automatically. For example, if you watch a video on YouTube and turn Motorola Rizr to a horizontal position, then the display also begins to unfold to increase the area to show content.

Motorola Rizr – a futuristic concept of a rollable smartphone

In reduced mode, the screen wraps around the back of the smartphone and can function as a second display. Users can use it to view the weather, incoming notifications or other information. You can also turn on the special camera mode, and the rear screen will be a viewfinder for selfie shooting.

So far, Motorola does not reveal the additional specifications of Rizr and does not say whether we will see a smartphone in the form of a commercial product in the foreseeable future. Apparently, the manufacturer will look for the opportunity to strengthen the screen, because now it looks quite fragile for everyday use.