OnePlus recently teased a new version of the flagship OnePlus 11, and finally, the company presented the device. However, as stated in the title, it is a concept, so you should not expect the mass production of this model. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 11 Concept aims to demonstrate a new Active Cryoflux cooling technology, which can appear in future company devices.

Active CryoFlux is a closed-loop liquid cooling system similar to those used in desktop PCs but in a very reduced size. At the center of the system is a ceramic piezoelectric micropump that circulates liquid through a series of pipes between the upper and lower diaphragms. The micropump takes up less than 0.2 cm² of space inside the device. The fluid moves through the pipes, absorbing heat from the chipset and slowly releasing it as it travels back to the pump.

OnePlus claims that Active CryoFlux can reduce temperatures by up to 2.1°C, which adds another 4-5 FPS while gaming. And when charging the smartphone, the system reduces the temperature to 1.6°C, reducing charging time by 30-45 seconds.

In addition, OnePlus has come up with a spectacular presentation of the technology in the form of backlighting the back cover of the smartphone. The back cover itself is transparent, so you can see the pipe underneath, which is partially illuminated. The camera unit is also backlit.

OnePlus has not yet specified whether we will see the Active CryoFlux system in production smartphones.