Flagship models mostly set the tone for future upgrades for cheaper cars. But with the E-class, Mercedes took a slightly different route. While the new C models have many elements of the S-Class, and the manufacturer’s electric cars have placed large panels for the driver and passenger on the entire front console, the interior of the E-Class has absorbed the best of them.

The interior of the most popular car of the brand will still have some similarities with the EQ series, but unlike them, the display with the instrument panel will have a separate location and will not “blend” with the others. This option was called Superscreen, not Hyperscreen, as in EQS.

Also, the entire system will have only one computing module, not several. At the same time, MBUX will receive additions in the form of webcams, support for Zoom and Webex from Cisco, the Vivaldi browser, TikTok, Angry Birds and other entertainment.

Along with this, the cars will have Burmester 4D sound systems with 17 speakers, support for Dolby Atmos and surround sound with Apple Music. The interior lighting will also be able to interact with the sound (which, to be honest, doesn’t look like the best idea in terms of driving safety).

The system will also have access to streaming platforms. But with this, they took care of safety a little better, because they left this function to the passenger screen. Images can also be displayed on the central display, but only if the Drive Pilot function (autonomous control) is activated, if there are no local restrictions on its use.

What’s more, the passenger’s screen will work only when there is actually someone in the seat. At the same time, the screen can be dimmed for the driver, while remaining visible to the passenger, and the built-in sensors for tracking the driver’s eyes detect cases when he will turn away from the road for a long time.

In order for the driver to pay even less attention to touch screens, Mercedes is improving the functions of the voice assistant (with artificial intelligence, of course). Now you won’t have to greet it every time you need to give a command, and similar requests can be combined into one, for example, asking for directions to work and raising the temperature in the interior in one sentence.

The car will even have scenario options, which, for example, will turn on seats heating and notify by changing the color of the interior lighting that the temperature is less than a certain mark. Or play romantic music and, again, adjust the backlight for “dating”. Later, AI will even determine the owner’s behavior patterns and be able to suggest options, as smartphones and individual smart home devices do now.

The new exterior of the car has not been revealed yet, but it will also undergo changes this year. Under the hood, there are options with hybrid “fours” and “sixes”. Unfortunately, there will be no coupe and cabrio options this time (a separate model is being prepared, which will potentially be named CLE), and the standard sedan and station wagon will remain.

There is no exact date of the release yet, and the new Mercedes E 2024 will have to wait a few more months.