Support for satellite communication by smartphones is one of the trends of 2023. Last year, Apple released the iPhone 14 line with this functionality, in January, Qualcomm announced Snapdragon Satellite technology, and the other day Samsung presented a new modem with support for two-way satellite communication.

Motorola released the Defy Satellite Link device, which adds the possibility of satellite communication for iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. The gadget supports two-way communication, so you can both send and receive messages.

The Satellite Messenger application supports Wi-Fi and cellular networks, but if they are not available, it can connect to a satellite while the user is in a location with a good view of the sky. Messages can be sent to other users in the same messenger, or you can send an SMS in which the addressee will be asked to install the application.

Motorola Defy Satellite Link adds satellite connectivity to smartphones

The gadget has protection against moisture and dust according to the IP68 class, a battery with a capacity of 600 mAh, as well as SOS and check-in buttons, which can come in handy if the smartphone is discharged. Motorola Defy Satellite Link costs $99. In addition, you will need a subscription to the satellite communication service, which will cost from $4.99/month.