The long-awaited real-time strategy Company of Heroes 3 from the legendary Relic Entertainment is finally out! The press is delighted, the players not so much.

So far, Company of Heroes 3 Company of Heroes 3 was only released on PC on Steam, but during 2023, a console version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S should also appear. Players are complaining about terrible optimization, locked graphics settings (on PC!), a very unimpressive interface, and gameplay cutscenes. Players feel that it looks more like an Early Access game than the final product. As of now, the Steam rating of Company of Heroes 3 is only 56%.

At the same time, the gaming press praises the game: “The best RTS of the last decade”; “This is a masterpiece”, “I just can’t get enough!” and so on. Company of Heroes 3 rating on Metacritic – 82/100.

The only thing that pleases me so far is that there is no Russian language or USSR faction in Company of Heroes 3. The developers can, of course, add the latter in an add-on dedicated to the Eastern Front, but hopefully, they won’t do it, remembering the inadequate reaction of russians to the truthful portrayal of the USSR and inept Soviet commanders in Company of Heroes 2.