Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Artifact, an application for reading personalized news based on artificial intelligence. The program was formally presented last month, but only now it has become available to all users on Android and iOS.

While Instagram once revolutionized the way people share photos from their smartphones, it’s hard to see any innovation in Artifact, essentially offering the traditional news feed seen in other similar apps. However, the developers use machine learning, so after a period of using Artifact, the app should start to better understand what topics you’re interested in.

When the application is launched for the first time, it offers the user to select a list of news they are interested in, after which it will create a news feed. The Artifact interface itself is divided into three tabs: “Home”, “Headlines” and “Profile”. The first offers a selection of news and allows you to switch between specific topics, as well as edit them. In the second tab, you can familiarize yourself with the international news that follows the list. And, finally, in the third tab, you can see your profile statistics and materials set aside for later reading.

Like Instagram in its day, Artifact is a free app that can be installed on iOS and Android. So far, the program offers news only in English, and it is not yet clear how quickly it will be able to add other languages.