Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey directed by Rhys Frake-Waterfield is already in cinemas (but no, not in Ukraine). Frake-Waterfield has previously spoken about his desire not to stop there and to continue the series of “children’s characters in the slasher genre.” In addition to Bambi horror film currently in production and developing ideas for a Peter Pan film, Frake-Waterfield is also looking to work with non-Disney children’s characters.

During a conversation with Collider, Frake-Waterfield was asked about what projects he would be interested in working on. The answers included Teletubbies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While it was intended as a fun thought exercise, he has some specific details about what he’ll do with the turtles, which he says have “horrific undertones” because they’re mutant turtles raised by a talking rat-man.

“I’d love to have them like down an alleyway cutting people up, feeding them to their rat king,” he said. “All this is starting to come together, so I would be happy to do it.”

Copyright does not allow Frake-Waterfield to get his hands on either the Teletubbies or the Turtles, new versions of which have already appeared or will soon appear on the screens. But what he will be able to do is direct a Winnie the Pooh sequel, as the film has already earned $2 million at the box office thanks to its January release in Mexico and its current theatrical run in the US. He and the rest of the team are already preparing the sequel, which will have a much larger budget than the $100,000 spent on the first film.

“I’m hoping that, at minimum, it’s going to have five times the budget of the first one,” the director said in an interview to Entertainment Weekly. “But it can be substantially more than that. […] When you have more money for a film, you get more time, you get cooler scenes, you can really spend more time refining things.”