Probably, according to Carscoops. It is about a small SUV that should appear in 2026. However, for now there are only general ideas around the new model and a few non-branded sketches showing possible design options for the new Mercedes.

The new Mercedes “Baby G” SUV is expected to be built on the MMA platform. Which, by the way, should initially become the basis for Mercedes A-class cars, as well as GLA and GLB SUVs of the next generations. However, it is worth reminding that the Mercedes company has already tried to create a G-mini: it was around such an idea that the GLC and GLB models appeared at one time. And here is a new attempt, for which the design has not even been approved yet…

There is also no exact understanding of the technical component of the future small Mercedes G-class. It is possible to use not gasoline or diesel engines, but to immediately build the novelty exclusively as an electric car. In this case, it is possible to use a battery with a voltage of 800 volts. But once again, this is all just guesswork. A similar statement applies to the interior: freelance artists show various sketches of the possible interior of the new product.

Also, the idea is clear – to create a “small” Mercedes G-class. But what will it be like in the end? We will find out closer to 2026.