When we last saw Keanu Reeves’ John Wick, he was beaten, covered in blood, betrayed, and swearing revenge. To do this, he will have to kill a lot, as evidenced by the action-packed, very bloody final trailer of the John Wick 4 movie.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is a legendary killer who tried to retire, but after the untimely death of his wife, he was again drawn into the dark underworld. Russian thugs stole his car, beat him and killed his dog Daisy. 

In the second film, John Wick fought a whole bunch of Russian villains, and also undertook, according to the code of a professional hired killer, to complete the last task. He succeeded, but it all ended with him killing a traitorous client.

This is where the action of John Wick 3 begins, where the main character has to find allies (and ammunition) to fend off almost the entire underground world of assassins who seek a bounty on his head.

Last July, Reeves stopped by San Diego Comic-Con to present a teaser for the fourth film, which showcases plenty of action footage: samurai swords, nunchacku, bows and arrows, dog fu, daggers and, of course, guns.  

The first official trailer was released in November last year. We were introduced to the Marquis de Gramont. Winston advised John to challenge him to a duel, because win or lose, he would finally be able to get out of his predicament – even if it meant his death.

This final trailer sheds no further light on the plot and mostly avoids dialogue, preferring instead to give fans all the action and gore we’ve come to expect from this franchise in a tightly edited minute and a half. Judging by this material, the choreographed battle scenes will not disappoint. At least you can count on the fact that the film’s running time – almost three hours – will not let you get bored.

The world premiere of John Wick 4 movie is scheduled for March 24. And it is already known that the franchise will not end there. In the Ballerina spin-off, Ana de Armas will play the role of a woman who has sworn revenge on those who killed her family. Also a TV series, The Continental, is being developed, which focuses on a young Winston in the 1970s, played by Colin Woodell.