TikTok and Instagram are competitors in the social media market, but they are not only services for viewing short videos. They offer much more features and are constantly adding new ones. However, the strategy of the platforms is sometimes slightly different.

TikTok has reportedly launched a new shopping feature in the US. It allows brands to sell their products directly within the application. The service has already invited several brands, such as Pacsun and KimChi Chic, to sell their products on TikTok.

Companies that will offer their products will receive a separate tab in their profile. There, users will be able to see the entire product catalog with photos, videos, descriptions and prices. It is possible to add products from different profiles to one basket.

TikTok wants to add an online store feature to its app, while Instagram is doing the opposite

Currently, a separate product tab can be found for some brands, but it is empty for now

New functionality is not a guarantee of success for TikTok, because the example of Instagram shows that the results may not be too impressive. The ability to make purchases appeared on Instagram back in 2018. In 2020, it received a separate tab in the application. However, Meta said earlier this year that the tab would be removed.

Instagram told employees that the service is moving from e-commerce to an advertising business. The company also announced the closure of the Live Shopping feature, which allowed bloggers to tag products during live broadcasts. However, Meta emphasizes that it will continue to offer some selling features on Instagram.