Microsoft Corporation provided Mezha.Media with an official response regarding blocking Ukrainian developers access to the GitHub Copilot tool in Visual Studio. The company notes that the access ban that Copilot users faced was a bug and not a deliberate limitation of the AI tool for Ukrainian users. Microsoft has already uploaded a patch that should restore the ability of developers to use GitHub Copilot.

“The bug fix has now been deployed to production and affected users should be able to connect. Due to the recency of this incident, we are still investigating the contributing factors and will provide a more detailed update on cause and remediation in the February Availability Report, which we will publish the first Wednesday of March. We have also shared this information with users in this community discussion, ” says Microsoft’s response.

Fortunately, previous suspicions about the blocking of GitHub Copilot due to the use of OpenAI technologies in the tool, which blocks Ukrainians from accessing ChatGPT, were not confirmed.