Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated “broadcast channels”, a new Instagram feature that allows sharing one-way messages in the application. The company is testing the feature with several authors and plans to add Telegram-like functionality to Facebook and Messenger.

Broadcast channels allow authors to send updates to their followers, similar to Telegram channels. Those who join channels can respond to messages and vote in polls, but cannot participate directly in the conversation. For example, Mark Zuckerberg has said on his “Meta Channel” that he will use this space to share news and updates about all the products and technologies he creates at Meta.

In addition to text updates, authors can also share audio clips, photos, and other content.

So far, only Zuckerberg and about a dozen other authors have access to this feature. The initial group includes Chloe Kim, Jiu-Jitsu fighter Mackenzie Dern, and meme account Tank Sinatra. The company says others interested in using the feature can sign up to get early access.

Although Meta describes the channels as “test”, the company seems to be investing quite heavily in the feature. Additional functions, including the ability to add another author to the chat, are already in the process of development. Meta also plans to begin testing channels on Facebook and Messenger in the coming months.