One of the most anticipated gadgets, which has been rumored for several years, is a mixed-reality headset from Apple. It looks like we’ll have to wait a few more months before announcing the device, because according to new information, Apple has moved its presentation to June – it will take place during the annual conference for developers WWDC.

It was previously reported that the Reality Pro headset (a possible name of the gadget) will be presented in April this year. However, the company still needs some time to work out some hardware and software issues. Apple has yet to comment on the rumors, but the device is expected to go on sale later this year.

The Reality Pro is expected to cost around $3,000. It’s more expensive than most headsets on the market, but Apple’s system will offer more options for the user. The gadget can get two 4K displays, a large number of cameras for tracking and the ability to interact with the system without a controller. The M2 chipset will be installed inside, which is much more powerful than the mobile chips in other headsets. The xrOS operating system will have an iOS-like interface that relies on voice commands for interaction as well as finger gestures.

The first version of Reality Pro will be aimed at creators and enthusiasts, and the announcement during WWDC will help developers better understand the technology. Along with that, there is information that Apple is also developing a more affordable version of the headset, which will be estimated at about the same price as the Meta Quest Pro ($1,500). Its announcement is expected next year.