According to the PR service of Wargaming in Ukraine, today, February 15, World of Tanks Blitz released update 9.7, which added full Ukrainian localization to the game. In addition, the official game portal with news of World of Tanks Blitz also got a Ukrainian version.

The Ukrainian localization has about 100 thousand words only in the game client. This number will increase with game updates, as each update has an average of 3,000 words to translate. The Ukrainian language is available after updating the game to version 9.7 on all platforms where World of Tanks Blitz is present – from iOS and Android to Nintendo Switch. The very process of adding Ukrainian took about 200 hours for localizers alone, and more than 20 people worked on the appearance of a new language in the game.

“Ukrainian World of Tanks Blitz players are a very important community for us. Ukraine is among the TOP 5 countries in terms game downloads for all time, and the Ukrainian player is in the top three most active in terms of the number of battles”, comments Thaine Lyman, General Manager of the MS-1 studio. “We worked hard on localization and are glad that the Ukrainian language is finally available to millions of our players!”

It should be noted that in Steam you can switch to Ukrainian in the in-game menu – in the Properties of the game in the Steam client, the Ukrainian language is not displayed, and as of the time of writing the news, the information on the availability of Ukrainian localization has not been updated on the Steam page either.