Despite all the difficulties of the Ukrainian automobile market, world novelties still reach us. Here is a new example – the Suzuki S-Cross SUV. Someone will say “ordinary model, sad design”. And I will answer “however, it is very popular among customers.” After all, Suzuki S-Cross bets on practicality. Again.

Haven’t we meet before?

The word “again” is here because, even at first glance, the pedigree of the Suzuki S-Cross model is clear – of course, the predecessor is the Suzuki SX4 SUV! Which, depending on the sales market, could also be called S-Cross.

The familiar name and overall design: just look at the shape of the windows and the roof – everything is reminiscent of the previous model. But headlights and lights are completely different: instead of “soft waves”, straight lines now dominate here. Together with an almost vertical grille, a massive front bumper, a flat hood, all this gives the car a more “strict” look.

The new Suzuki S-Cross SUV resembles its predecessor Suzuki SH4 with its general design and almost identical dimensions: length – 4.3 meters; width – 1.79 meters; height – 1.58 meters; wheel base – 2.6 meters. The claimed ground clearance is 180 mm. There are enough design changes to unmistakably identify the new product: headlights and lights, hood and radiator grille.

Only one turbo engine, but different transmission options

Under the hood of the Suzuki S-Cross model hides the well-known 1.4-liter BoosterJet gasoline engine in the usual (non-hybrid) version: 140 hp. and a torque of 220 Nm. Unfortunately, the atmospheric 1.6-liter variant is currently not announced for the new product.

However, several options for transmissions are announced at once. You can choose a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission (traditional hydromechanical), front or all-wheel drive is also offered. However, note that the manual transmission is combined only with front-wheel drive, but the automatic transmission can work with both front and all-wheel drive.

There is only one engine option under the hood, but its capabilities will be plenty for the Suzuki S-Cross: we have 140 hp. and 220 Nm. Versions with all-wheel drive AllGrip 4WD will receive a switch with several settings for different driving conditions. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is declared at the level of 9.5-10.2 seconds (depending on the combination of transmission and drive type), fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 5.8-6.2 l per 100 km (depending on combinations of gearbox and drive type). But the maximum speed is the same for all variants – 200 km/h.

New interior, latest equipment

The same happened with the interior as with the exterior: something familiar and something new. Here are familiar general features, the central console, the shape of the steering wheel. But the feeling of a new interior is provided by the upper part of the front panel: the central ventilation deflectors and the display above them have been noticeably changed.

After all, the new Suzuki S-Cross SUV will receive a new multimedia system – an enlarged 9-inch HD display, a new menu design, and a four-camera all-round view. Yes, yes, the new Suzuki S-Cross will have such a function! Against only in the maximum configuration.

Although the base GL version is already quite sufficient: seven airbags, a rearview camera, air conditioning, cruise control, LED headlights and a 7-inch WVGA display with the ability to connect smartphones. The GLX configuration adds: separate 2-zone climate control, an all-round view and a 9-inch display, 17-inch light-alloy wheels, and leather interior trim.

In the cabin, the attention is drawn to the changed front panel, the finishing of the seats (fabric or leather/eco-leather) depends on the configuration. For the comfort of the front passengers, a 2-zone “climate” and heated seats are provided, for the comfort of the rear passengers – the possibility of adjusting the angle of the back of the sofa. By the way, depending on the position of the backrest, the volume of the trunk in the standard 5-seater version also changes: 430-440 liters. Or a maximum of 1,230 liters when the rear seat is folded down.

The price of Suzuki S-Cross in Ukraine – from UAH 822,000

So, we figured out the details. Now perhaps the most important thing is the cost of the car.

The base version of the Suzuki S-Cross car (1.4-liter engine, manual transmission, front-wheel drive, GL configuration) is given from the mark of UAH 822,000. A similar option, however, with an automatic transmission costs UAH 882,000. And if you want to add all-wheel drive, then you need to pay 942 thousand UAH.

Cars in the maximum GLX configuration are offered only with an automatic transmission and cost more. Yes, the front-wheel drive version will cost UAH 999,000. And the version with all-wheel drive exceeds a million – prepare 1.075 million hryvnias.

Would you say it’s expensive? But you have to get used to new price realities and currency rates… And the car has retained all its known advantages – practicality, traditional automatic transmission, availability of all-wheel drive – plus added a powerful engine and several equipment points. I hope that the new Suzuki S-Cross SUV will be able to repeat the success of the predecessor.