Although the Crash Detection system in the Apple Watch smartwatch sometimes misfires, there are examples where this feature really saves lives. One of these happened the other day in Germany.

On February 13, at 02:13 local time, rescue services recorded a signal from an Apple Watch that reported a traffic accident on the B20 highway near Steinach, which is approximately 140 kilometers from Munich.

According to preliminary data, the driver left the road before the exit to the A3 freeway. He drove through a strip of greenery and across the ground. In the end, the car got stuck in the bushes about 20 meters from the roadway. According to reports, the car was so deeply stuck that it could not be recognized from the road.

However, the Apple Watch, which was on the wrist of one of the passengers, directed the police, fire brigade, and ambulance directly to the scene. Rescuers organized a safe descent and provided assistance to passengers. The car sustained $5,500 in damage. It apparently had to be towed from the scene.

This is far from the first time when the Crash Detection system comes to the rescue. Yes, it may not work perfectly yet, but it performs its function, so we can talk about the real benefit of such systems in modern gadgets.