Active use of messengers over time can lead to the fact that saved files, photos, videos, and other content can take up a lot of space in the smartphone’s storage. This adds inconvenience to owners of devices with a small memory capacity. It is for such a case that Viber adds the ability to manage files in the application.

The Storage Management function will allow you to see how many and in which chats files are stored, and their volume, and help to delete unnecessary ones from there. Additionally, the user can free up space by deleting the cache.

At the same time, the application will allow you to select individual files in chats that no longer need to be saved, so you will not have to delete everything at once. It is only worth remembering that since Viber does not store such files on its own servers, it will be impossible to restore deleted ones. Of course, at the same time, deleting a file on your own device will not affect it on the interlocutor’s device.

“We want all our users to be able to send as many messages as they want to family and friends without needing to have the latest high-tech devices,” said Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

Viber’s storage management feature should be coming to the iOS and Android apps in the coming days. You can find it in the More – Settings – Storage section.