Yesterday, the traditional presentation of Nintendo Direct took place, where the company showed games, the vast majority of which should be released in the first half of this year. The presentation is quite long — more than 40 minutes, in this material we selected the most important.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

New gameplay trailer for the long-awaited sequel Breath of the Wild. It showcases Link’s new abilities, including vehicle control, both on the ground and in the air. Nintendo has confirmed that the base edition of Tears of the Kingdom will cost $70 in the US, with a May 12 release date.


Metroid Prime Remastered

The legendary first-person action game, released more than 20 years ago on the GameCube, received a remaster this year. The game is already available in the eShop, it will appear on physical media a little later, on February 22.


Pikmin 4

The fourth part of the unusual strategy is released on July 21, in the trailer we are shown different types of Pikmin, as well as a new “dog-like” creature.


Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass

A series of expansions for the shooter Splatoon 3 has been announced – it will be released in “waves”, the first of which, called Inkopolis, will add a location from the first game to the game and should be released in the spring. The second “wave” will feature a new single-player campaign called Side Order.


Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

The remake of the first two parts of the strategy game Advance Wars, released in the early 2000s on the Game Boy Advance, has finally received a release date: the game will be released on April 21, and the eShop is already accepting pre-orders.


Samba de Amigo: Party Central

The iconic music game, which was first released on arcade machines, then on the Sega Dreamcast console, and finally ported to the Wii, will receive a sequel for the Nintendo Switch. Players will control maracas by swinging joycons, the game is expected in the summer.


Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

A spinoff of the popular slasher series, which is a prequel in terms of plot and tells the story of Cereza’s young years, when she was still a little girl, long before she turned into the Bayonetta witch. Cereza will be accompanied on her adventures by a companion demon, and the player will control both characters at the same time. Cereza and the Lost Demon is released on March 17th.


Disney Illusion Island

Classic Disney characters explore a mysterious island in a new 2D platformer for 1-4 players. Disney Illusion Island is released on July 28th.


PROFESSOR LAYTON and The New World of Steam

Continuation of the famous detective adventure series, previously released on Nintendo DS and 3DS. During the presentation, only a short teaser was shown with no gameplay and no details.


GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games on Switch Online

Subscribers of the Switch Online service now have access to the projects of the legendary portable retro platform Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. Games include Tetris, Metroid II, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Fire Emblem, and more. GB games will be available to all service subscribers, GBA games — only in the extended tariff plan Online + Expansion Pack. You can watch the full Nintendo Direct presentation here: