BMW left its design experiments with two-story optics only for the 7-series cars, and the large vertical radiator grille – only for the 4-series cars. Popular models “that make money” are in no hurry to radically change, so as not to scare customers. The latest example of this is the updated BMW X5 SUV.

From the outside, the car has changed noticeably, but very carefully: a new front bumper, narrow headlights (with “arrows” instead of “glasses”), updated lights. By the way, in combination, they create the letter X – and in general, the updated BMW X5 will always be made in the xLine package from now on. 19-inch wheels are also included in the basic equipment. And as an option – for the first time, a radiator grille with illumination, which was previously found only on the BMW X6, was offered.

An important technical change was the appearance of a “mild hybrid” type system, which adds 12 hp. thanks to its own small electric motor. Together with the comprehensive modification of the engines, this allowed to increase the power – for example, the 30d version offers 298 “horses”, and the 40i version already produces 380 “horses”.

But the most interesting changes happened to the hybrid with the possibility of recharging. After all, the BMW X5 xDrive 50e model has received improvements and increases in everything and everywhere. More power of the gasoline and electric engine – therefore more total power: now 360 kW or 490 “horses”. An increase in battery capacity means an increase in electric range: now up to 110 km. Also, the power of the charger has increased – therefore, the battery charging time has decreased.

There are also enough changes in the interior of the new BMW X5. The Curved Display front panel now has dual displays (diagonal 12.3 and 14.9 inches) under a single glass. The climate control unit has almost disappeared, the ventilation deflectors have changed noticeably. The central console has been restyled – from now on there are new joysticks for controls.

As before, the BMW X5 SUV offers a spacious interior, and separate climate control is available as an option for rear passengers. Also, depending on the sales market, the car may offer a third row of seats.

The updated BMW X5 SUV will be available for purchase soon – approximately in April this year. By the way, together with the BMW X5 model, similar updates were introduced for the BMW X6, but in the latter case, the emphasis was placed on a sporty style.