It seems that Ferrari is developing its own version of “rocket boosters”, which should significantly improve the famous supercars. This is reported by the Motorauthority, showing the relevant patent images.

It is interesting that there are several accelerators at once and they are located on different sides of the car. If the depicted scheme is implemented into reality, then such accelerators will help not only with improving the dynamics of Ferrari cars, but also with braking or better pressing of the body to the road – this is important for fast cornering.

In addition, accelerators will have nozzles of different diameters. This is done in order to be able to adjust the traction force depending on the output of gases through the accelerator nozzle. It is interesting that the gas can be different – two options are being considered: or a system operating on compressed air; or a system that runs on exhaust gases from burning fuel.

In the latter case, Ferrari’s “rocket boosters” will run on the same fuel as the car’s engine. Perhaps such a scheme seems simpler to implement, but in the end it will be a guarantee of success and the possibility of its reproduction in reality.

So we are waiting for new Ferrari supercars – and soon we hope to see “rocket boosters” there.