Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world action/RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, is coming to PC in a few days (with deluxe edition owners getting early access today, February 7th), and since yesterday, when the publisher lifted the embargo, reviews of the game began to appear on the Internet.

The good news: Hogwarts Legacy appears to have been loved by critics. Scandals surrounding the author of the original source, which had a certain influence on the game as well (some resources even published articles like “Why I’m reviewing Hogwarts Legacy”), did not prevent the game from receiving high marks. By the way, Joan Rowling has nothing to do with its development, but such a nuance is of little interest to supporters of the “cancellation” of the writer.

According to Metacritic, Hogwarts Legacy PC currently has an average rating of 82%, PS5-version – 85%, and the version of Xbox Series X – 89%. Aggregated rating on OpenCritic so far equals 86%.

Some reviews worth noting:

Finally, we remind you that the PC version of Hogwarts Legacy uses Denuvo, and the technical requirements of the game can be found here. And we also suggest watching a Ukrainian-language video review of the game by OLDboi: