Rumors that the iPhone could change steel to titanium and slightly change the shape of the case have already been around. There is also information that Apple is considering adding another model to the line that will be more expensive than all the current options. A similar plan can be implemented as soon as 2024.

If you draw a parallel, such a smartphone can have the Ultra index in the name, like the most expensive versions of Apple Watch or the most productive versions of Apple Silicon processors in Mac Studio.

Of course, there are still almost no details about such a change in the iPhone line, and if work on the new product is underway, it is behind tightly closed doors. But this is not a problem for the imagination of designers who care about the topic, who can imagine exactly what elements of design can be transferred from the Apple Watch Ultra to a similar iPhone.

Jonas Daehnert shared his vision of such “borrowed” design. He combined the features of the shape of the Apple Watch Ultra case and transferred them to a smartphone.

Thus, the iPhone received a titanium body, the buttons of which have separate protrusions from the body, a camera block adapted to more severe conditions of use, a redesigned switch for notification modes, an additional button with a color accent, which can also be seen around the charging port.

“I have no idea about all the leaks. It was just an exercise to see if it’s possible to adapt the Watch Ultra design language,” said Jonas.

Of course, this rendering is not reliable and is unlikely to guess the real design of the future smartphone. But it is still interesting to see such an option. However, as with the Apple Watch Ultra, this design may not appeal to everyone, because not all users need a smartphone for harsh conditions of use, which accordingly affects its appearance.