The OneUI 5.1 skin debuted last week with a new Galaxy S23 flagship line . This is a minor update, so the list of changes and new features is not very long. However, one of the innovations deserves attention.

The thing is that in Samsung smartphones, the folder for storing screenshots is by default in the DCIM folder, in the same place as the photos from the camera. And if it does not cause inconvenience in the standard Gallery, then in the Google Photos application, all screenshots are uploaded to the cloud together with your pictures. And in the application settings, you cannot exclude the Screenshots folder, because Google Photos simply does not see it.

On Android, the Screenshots folder is located in the root partition of the drive (or in the Pictures folder). In this case, it is visible in Google Photos and you can turn off synchronization with the cloud for it.

OneUI 5.1 will allow you to choose a folder for saving screenshots

But in OneUI 5.1, it is now finally possible to change the folder for storing screenshots and screencasts. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate Settings section (Settings > Advanced features > Screenshots and screen recordings), where you will see the Save screenshots in (or Save screen recordings for screencasts) item. Next, create a new folder and choose it as the default.