According to 9to5mac, Apple continues to work on reversible wireless charging technology for the iPhone, despite some technical delays. The company planned to add support for this function for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max smartphones, but it was not finalized in time.

Apple engineers create unique software that is an important component of the reversible wireless charging feature. Also, one of the key aspects is the control of the charging speed, which depends on the efficiency of heat dissipation and the function itself in general.

Apple is also developing a custom user interface for the reversible wireless charging feature, similar to the one used for MagSafe chargers and accessories. This includes on-screen animations as well as sound effects to indicate that the feature has been activated.

However, it will not be a surprise if reversible charging does not appear in the iPhone 15 and Apple postpones its announcement again. The company has been working on this feature since at least the release of the iPhone 11, and it has proven more difficult to implement due to issues with heat management and charging speed. And you probably remember AirPower.

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