Ukrainian pirate action/adventure Corsairs Legacy got a demo version. On the eve of the Steam Demo Festival, the developers updated the game page and opened access to the demo for everyone.

The developers also launched a stream in which project manager Volodymyr Bondarenko talks about further plans and major changes that have taken place with the team and the game after February 24, 2022.

In the first demo, players will be able to experience naval combat and boarding. The Corsairs Legacy team did not have time to add all the planned changes before the start of the festival, but they have already made most of the changes according to player comments on the latest game trailer.

The developers of Corsairs Legacy call the main goal of the demo release the opportunity to get feedback on the current implementation of game mechanics from players. All players who send feedback to the developers through the feedback form inside the demo will receive a digital bonus for the release version of Corsairs Legacy for their active participation in the development.

As a reminder, recently Mezha posted a big interview with the developers of Corsairs Legacy.