Ukrainian studio Mauris has released a new gameplay video of its pirate game Corsairs Legacy. In the video, you can see a fragment of a sea battle and boarding.

Corsairs Legacy is a kind of descendant of the legendary Corsairs from Akella. A game where there will be sea battles and boardings, port taverns and fortresses, land missions, and, of course, pirate treasures. The Mauris team plans to create a series of RPGs about pirates and sea battles. The release of the first of them is planned for the end of 2023.

Corsairs Legacy already has a Steam page so you can add it to Wish list or start following the news.

The developers plan to show more exclusive content at the next Steam Festival, which will take place on February 6, 2023. So we are waiting for the demo version. In the meantime, Mezha has already scheduled an interview with the developers of Corsairs Legacy, so stay tuned.

UPDATE. We updated the gallery with screenshots from the current version of the game, screenshots from Steam are a year and a half old.