Introduced in September 2007, the first iPhone cost from $499. Gradually, the price of the smartphone from Apple increased, and now the most expensive option in the current line is worth $1599. But judging by the latest insights, this will not be the “ceiling” of its price.

As Mark Gurman explains in a new newsletter Power On in Bloomberg, Apple is considering an even more expensive model.

“But instead of renaming the Pro Max “the Ultra,” Apple could add an even higher-end iPhone above both Pro models. Internally, the company has discussed doing just that — potentially in time for the 2024 iPhone release,” writes Mark.

Currently, the most expensive iPhone 14 models are the Pro and Pro Max models, which start at $999 and $1,099. The price rises with each step of increasing the storage capacity, which accordingly affects the cost — up to $1,499 and $1,599, respectively. At the same time, customers are ready to buy more expensive models, so Apple is considering the possibility of releasing an even more expensive smartphone, which will now increase the average cost of purchasing an iPhone and satisfy especially demanding users.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gurman still has no information on what capabilities such a device will have, so what will motivate potential buyers to pay more than for the Pro models is unknown. But at the same time, Mark notes that it is unlikely to be a foldable smartphone, because currently the company is not working on such prototypes. Perhaps such a more expensive model will have an even larger screen, more capable cameras, even a more powerful chip, etc. (Personally, I would bet on stylus support, among other things.)

In any case, this is not the immediate plan of the company. So far, such a step is considered for 2024, that is, a possible upgrade of the iPhone 16 line. And by that time, such a concept may be postponed or completely changed.