It looks like EA is going through some tough times, with reports coming out the other day that the company has canceled several different games at once.

First it became known that EA decided to close Apex Legends Mobile, a mobile port of the popular “battle royale”. The game was launched only 8 months ago, but on May 1, its servers will be shut down – that is, less than a year after its launch. As explained by Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends Mobile, the game had a “strong start”, but the “content production pipeline” did not live up to the studio’s quality bar.

Meanwhile, EA separately stated in the FAQ that it will not provide any refunds for real-money in-game purchases – “per the terms of the EA User Agreement”.

Additionally, EA has also announced that it is ending development of the mobile version of Battlefield: “As the industry has evolved and our strategy to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem has taken shape, we decided to pivot from the current direction to best deliver on our vision for the franchise and to meet the expectations of our players. We remain highly committed to unlocking Battlefield’s enormous potential.” At the same time, according to VentureBeat, EA is shutting down the Industrial Toys studio that developed Battlefield Mobile.

And finally, according to Bloomberg, EA decided to cancel the development of a project called Titanfall Legends, a game with a single-player story campaign, the events of which were supposed to take place in the shared universe of Titanfall and Apex Legends. The team that worked on Titanfall Legends had 50 employees, and not all of them will be asked to move to other positions – some of the team will be laid off.