Most electric cars still do not have a long range, so their owners have to spend more time planning long trips. Perhaps in the near future, Google Maps will make their task easier, because lines were found in the application code indicating the appearance of the function of automatic trip planning for electric cars.

| By the time you get there, your battery will be low

| Charging stop needed to reach destination

| Trip too long to auto-add charging stops. Add stops after you start.

| No internet. Can’t load charging stops.

| There aren’t enough compatible charging stations to get to your destination

Google Maps will be able to independently determine the optimal places for recharging the car on your route. The application will also warn that the electric car will have little charge left before arriving at the destination or indicate that there are not enough compatible charging stations on the route.

Similar functionality is already implemented in the Android Automotive operating system, which more and more automakers use in their new models. However, in this case, the system has access to the internal data of the car, so it is easier for it to calculate the number of stops for recharging, taking into account the range of the electric car.

Android Automotive’s route planning feature

How the mobile version of Google Maps will be able to calculate the remaining charge of an electric car is still unclear. The user may need to manually enter data on battery capacity and charge level, or specify the exact model of the car. For example, in the current version of the application, you can specify the type of connector of your electric car so that Google Maps can take this into account when searching for charging stations.