As the IGN reports, all the trio of current-generation console manufacturers – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony – have decided not to participate in this year’s main games expo, E3 2023, which will take place in June. Citing its own multiple sources, IGN claims that these companies will not be exhibiting and will not have any presence at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 2023 will be held.

Interestingly, this information appeared just a few days after Microsoft announced a return to Los Angeles this summer with a presentation of its own projects – but the company did not mention E3 2023, so we can assume, that Microsoft is planning its own event, in no way connected with the expo.

This is very surprising news, especially if you remember that Microsoft has always been present at E3. Nintendo was also involved until recently, even with its own series of online Nintendo Direct presentations. As for Sony, this company is absent from the expo starting from E3 2019.