Concepts are usually used to find a new idea, which is then embodied in serial models. But in the case of the Audi Activesphere concept, there are so many new ideas that it is enough for several novelties.

At first glance, in the case of the Audi Activesphere, we will get a large coupe SUV. At almost 5 meters long (wheelbase 2.97 m) and 2 meters wide, the Audi Activesphere concept hints at a possible replacement for the Audi Q8 in a few years. So: coupe SUV? But you only need to look from behind – and the magic begins: the side folds down, the glass moves up and forward, a wall rises behind the second row of seats. After all, we have an open body like a pickup truck!

Not bad? And this is just the beginning. Next, pay attention to the interior: there are no displays and there may not even be a steering wheel! All the necessary information is provided through the function of virtual reality. In addition, the Audi Activesphere concept provides for the use of a fourth-level autonomous control system. The steering wheel is necessary either at the driver’s request for manual control or in difficult driving conditions.

For example, when overcoming off-road. For this the Audi Activesphere concept car has all-wheel drive, pneumatic suspension (clearance 208 mm with the possibility of increasing it by another 40 mm), and even translucent elements in the front part and doors – all for a better overview of the situation under the wheels.

What will eventually become reality from the design of the Audi Activesphere concept? It’s hard to say yet. But its base in the form of an electric PRE platform will definitely become a reality: two electric motors, a total power of 325 kW or 442 “horses”, a 100 kWh battery with a promised mileage of up to 600 km.

The first mass-produced electric vehicles on the PRE platform should appear as soon as this year. And we can expect that later there will be a lot of them, of different brands and classes. Will there be room among them for something serial, similar to the Audi Activesphere concept? We’ll see later.