This year, the Porsche company celebrates a very important anniversary – the 75th anniversary of the release of the first Porsche 356. In honor of this holiday, a new concept was created with the appropriate name Porsche Vision 357.

How is the Porsche Vision 357 concept car special? Of course, the design! The headlights and taillights immediately attract attention – they are similar to the original solutions of the Porsche 356 and are made of four translucent sections that protrude from under the body when switched on. Also, the tinted front roof racks are interesting, thanks to which the windshield is combined with the side windows – reminiscent of a motorcycle helmet.

And the Porsche Vision 357 concept received original wheels and a characteristic vertical grille behind. Although the engine is actually installed in the center here, because the Porsche Vision 357 car is built on the basis of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS – this means a 6-cylinder opposed engine with a power of 500 “horses”.

And in general, the use of the 718 series – the Cayman and Boxter models – as the basis for the concept seems to hint not only at the past but also at the future. After all, these models will eventually need to be replaced. And it’s possible that the Porsche Vision 357 is a vision of what Porsche’s next “entry-level” coupes and roadsters should be.