Oneleaf is a new startup that wants to make hypnosis a mass phenomenon. The company has developed an app that will help you start practicing hypnosis and follow different programs to quit smoking, reduce anxiety or lose weight.

Oneleaf raised $4.6 million from Frst, Kima Ventures, Raise Ventures and several business angels. Bpifrance also contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to that amount through equity-free funding, reports TechCrunch.

“How to quit smoking was a topic that really mattered to me. I discovered a whole new world, and that’s hypnosis,” founder and CEO Eliott Cohen-Skalli said. “And the digital experience is better than the physical one. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focus at the same time.”

According to Cohen-Scully, the reason it’s easier to practice hypnosis at home is that you’re in a calm and familiar environment.

Oneleaf has written several 21-day programs to help you quit smoking, control your weight, or manage your sleep. The company worked with hypnosis professionals such as Laurent Taton, Emily Balcetis, and Judith Prochaska to develop these sessions.

The startup then recorded these sessions and added some binaural beats for background music. The result is an audio session that can be started from your smartphone at any time. Each session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes.

Like meditation or fitness apps, Oneleaf relies on subscription revenue. Users can pay $68 to access Oneleaf’s content library. There are also internal purchases that allow you to unlock this or that program.

The app has been around for a few weeks now and the reviews are good so far. The company now hopes to generate 10,000 downloads per month. As for the distribution strategy, the company will generate part of the downloads through advertising, attract Internet users with content optimized for popular keywords, and also enter into partnership agreements with some influential people.

Oneleaf hopes by the end of 2023 to convince companies to pay for its product to become part of the social package, as many companies pay for employee benefit programs and various subscription products.