It turns out that Microsoft is not going to limit itself with the tabs that appeared in File Explorer in the last major update Moment 1. Rumors about work on a new File Explorer interface appeared a couple of weeks ago, and now the Windows Central released the first internal mockups of what File Explorer might look like in the future.

Microsoft plans to update the File Explorer interface in Windows 11

On the screenshot you can see the redesigned title, the New, Copy, Paste, etc. buttons will “move” to the folder view window, and the home page will receive closer integration with Microsoft 365: in the upper part there will be a bar with “recommended” files in the form of large thumbnails with a display of their content.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on a new File Explorer gallery area that will feature larger image previews. The general update of the interface elements is not significant, but it aims to bring the system file manager closer to the modern design direction that the company is promoting, with rounded buttons and more touchscreen-friendly elements.