Ukrainian-Maltese studio 4A Games spoke about game development during the war, new projects, and announced the launch of the Metro Exodus SDK, which will allow enthusiasts to modify the game, create their own levels and mods.

“Everyone has been affected. Some of us have lost homes to bombings. Some have joined the Armed Forces to defend Ukraine. Colleagues, friends, families have been injured. A number have lost their lives. Though, there is one thing Ukraine is not short of right now – it’s our heroes: those who protect our country at the fronts, those who help them, and those who against all odds work with passion and fierce dedication to keep our projects going and support the country’s economy,” says the message of the developers.

Now the studio is working on a new part of Metro and, of course, the full-scale war forced the developers to rethink what the story of the next game should be. From the very beginning, the Metro series carried a powerful political and anti-war charge, touching on topics such as power, politics, tyranny, and repression. But due to the fact that the events of all parts of the game took place in russia, now they are perceived quite negatively by Ukrainian players. And frankly, it’s not at all clear how the writers are going to change that in the fourth part. How about moving the events of the game to the US, continuing the storyline of the Metro Exodus extension – Sam’s Story? But the question remains, will russian Saber Interactive, which has been subordinate to 4A Games since 2020, allow such a change of course?

Previously, 4A Games talked about multiplayer work for Metro Exodus and about a new IP, the development of which has already begun. This time, the studio does not provide information about additional projects.

But 4A Games finally listened to the demands of the game community, and released the Exodus SDK, which will allow players to modify almost all aspects of the game. Exodus SDK allows you to edit game levels, surface, weather, monsters, textures, materials, particle system, navigation system, camera settings and much more. The SDK supports Visual Script and has integration with Well, we are waiting for Fallout powered by Metro Exodus or Metro Kyiv.

To use the Exodus SDK, you must have a copy of Metro Exodus or Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store. In Steam Exodus SDK can be downloaded as a Tool, in GOG and Epic Games Store as Additional Content.