The problem of analog sticks drift, when the console “recognizes” the deviation of the stick, even when the player does not touch it at all, is to one degree or another inherent in a large number of traditional analog sticks in game controllers, but the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons suffer from it the most due to its compact size. It’s been known about for several years, but Nintendo still hasn’t taken any steps to fix it.

Fortunately, other companies are coming to the aid of players – such as the manufacturer of game accessories GuliKit, which has launched a kit for repairing Joy-Cons – GuliKit Hall Joystick for Joy-Con. Unlike conventional stacks, which are based on the mechanical interaction of resistors, GuliKit stacks use Hall sensors that determine the degree of deviation using magnetic fields (see Hall effect).

Finally, a solution to the Joy-Con drift problem for Nintendo Switch

At one time, GuliKit already released a separate controller for Nintendo Switch – GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller, which used exactly such sticks, and at the time it was advertised, among other things, as a solution to the problem of Joy-Con drift. Well, now that the manufacturer has started selling these sticks in the form of a replacement kit, owners of the console will be able to get rid of the problem themselves and continue to play with the native Joy-Cons, instead of buying alternative gamepads.