The Lancia Ypsilon compact hatchback of the current generation has been produced for more than ten years, but it continues to successfully find new buyers in its native Italy. For example, almost 41,000 such cars were sold during 2022 – the Lancia Ypsilon hatchback ranks first in its class and second in the Italian market overall. At the same time, a small increase in sales was also recorded!

In order to maintain a positive pace, the Lancia company carried out another update of the Ypsilon model. From the outside, such a car can be recognized by the new Dew Green color, tinted headlight reflectors, a dark grille with silver accents (this is the Silver package).

The inscription “hybrid” indicates the presence of a 1-liter 3-cylinder engine, combined with a BSG starter-generator and a lithium-ion battery – that is, it is a classic “mild hybrid”. Such a car has a power of 70 hp. and is offered only with manual transmission, no other transmission options for Lancia Ypsilon are provided at all. But another option of the power unit is provided – we are talking about the version of Lancia Ypsilon LPG Ecochic with an engine that runs on gas.

In the cabin, the updated car is distinguished by a changed decoration. For example, there is a new decor on the front panel and seat trim made of SEAQUAL YARN material, which is a recycled plastic from the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the multimedia system with a 7-inch display now has wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Wireless smartphone charging and a rearview camera are also added.

Finally, we should mention about the cost of the car. In Italy, the new hatchback Lancia Ypsilon is offered at a price of 13.5 thousand euros, but government subsidies allow you to reduce the initial cost even to 11.5 thousand euros. Well, do you find it interesting?