Voice assistants are already smart enough to carry out a certain amount of user commands, including calling the police. Though in some cases it happens by accident, and sometimes it also leads to curious situations.

One such thing happened in Australia this week. Muay Thai trainer Jamie Alleyne accidentally called the police right into his training session using Siri.

During a morning workout with a client, Jamie didn’t take off his Apple Watch 7. At one point, the workout was interrupted by a 15-officer police force. But everything was fine in the hall and no one called the police.

It was later revealed that during the exercises, the trainer repeated “one-one-two”, which is the number for calling emergency services in Australia (the equivalent of 911 in the USA). Along with this, Jamie supported the client with the phrases “good shot”, which was heard when the police were called.

So, it seemed to the operator that this could be a situation related to a shooting or a suicide attempt, and the police team was sent to the address of the sports hall. Fortunately, in this case there were no problems and everything was sorted out quickly.

Also, unnecessary problems with false calls are currently created by the new iPhones, which are able to determine getting into a traffic accident. Initially, when smartphones first went on sale, there were cases of false positives on roller coasters, and now they happen during winter sports.