The Danish government decided to transfer ALL its 155-mm CAESAR howitzers to Ukraine, Ekstra Bladet reports.

The Danish army has been waiting for these guns for years. What’s more, it didn’t even have time to receive the entire batch, but decided to transfer the self-propelled guns to where they are needed.

Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen announced the transfer of howitzers after a meeting at the Foreign Policy Council.

“The situation in Ukraine, as everyone knows, is brutal. Ukrainians very clearly asked for further support of the free world, in particular Denmark,” says Jacob Ellemann-Jensen. “One of the things that is especially in demand is artillery. In particular, it is the CAESAR artillery from the French manufacturer Nexter, which we expect [to complete delivery] in Denmark within the next six months. The government decided to donate all 19 howitzers to Ukraine.”

The Danish Ministry of Defense received 15 CAESAR self-propelled guns in 2020 and also ordered 4 additional howitzers to be delivered during 2023.

These guns were to become part of a new 4,000-strong combat brigade, which Denmark undertook to create at the request of NATO. The transfer of the guns will delay the creation of this unit, which was supposed to be deployed as early as 2024. Denmark is now looking for opportunities to quickly acquire new artillery systems.

This is noble, Daniy! Thank you very much!