When updating your own gadget (or any other equipment), you can always sell the existing one and invest money in a new one. This is a fairly common practice for those people who do not collect old equipment. And even if it’s not always a big benefit, it’s still some money. And in the case of Apple equipment, the sales process is not very long.

For those people who don’t want to do all this through “bulletin boards” on the Internet, some stores offer the Trade In option, which may not be as profitable, but it is definitely faster and easier. Such a service in some countries is offered by Apple itself.

Apple-level Trade In: the company is offering $970 for a Mac Pro that cost more than $50,000 three years ago

However, as MKBHD team member David Imel pointed out, it is better not to do this in the Apple Trade In section on the manufacturer page. David tried to find out what the trade-in price would be for a Mac Pro that cost $52,199 three years ago. He was surprised by the result, which he tweeted:

Just tried pricing out our $52,199 Mac Pro’s at the office for trade in, which you can still buy from Apple, $52,199.

What else has dropped 50x in value in 3 years.. besides crypto?

Yes, Apple will offer… $970 for such a computer. Purely out of curiosity, I tried to look at the price of my old MacBook Pro 15, the first model with TouchBar, which cost $2,799 in 2016: Apple will offer $170 for it.

What is also interesting is the maximum level of profit that a buyer can acquire through the Trade In program. Apple may even take Samsung or Pixel. However, it is difficult to call the offered prices high. For example, for the iPhone 13 Pro Max they will not give more than $570, and the most expensive Mac will be taken for a maximum of $1250.